Art as a Haven of Happiness 「楽園としての芸術」展


「楽園としての芸術」展とは?about “Art as a Haven of Happiness


What is art’s true purpose in human life?
The exhibition “Art as a Haven of Happiness” will present works of painting, sculpture, embroidery, and other genres created at two art studios—“Atelier Elément Présent” (Mie and Tokyo) and “Shobu Gakuen” (Kagoshima). Born from the joy of creating, the artworks of these studios bubble over with playful charm and express territories of deep emotion in their creators’ lives. The artists featured, all of whom have Down syndrome or other developmental disabilities, approach creation in a light spirit, some of them working in silent absorption and others conversing cheerfully while they work. Among them are artists who, focusing their mind, become transformed—a different person from before taking up the brush—and quickly execute a striking painting. These artists are not burdened by an attachment to the artwork, even when a work has taken years to complete. Nor do they compare themselves or compete with others. Their sure approach to creation is as natural as breathing, and it brings them unlimited creative freedom.
The true pleasure of art is the “special experience” it affords both the artist and art viewer. An almost miraculous bond is formed—the labor of creation liberates the creator’s heart and the resulting artwork has a power to move people. We hope this exhibition will freshly surprise visitors and allow them to experience the potentiality of art to bring harmony and joy to the world—art as a haven of happiness.

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